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NOTICIAS DE LA INDUSTRIA: En los ultimos años ha aparecido un instrumento llamado "Hand", muy utilizado por algunos percusionistas en musicas tipo New Age o Musicas de Fusion. Esta nueva variacion de este instrumento y que ha desarrollado esta compañia americana, te permite tener diferentes tipos de afinacion y poder aplicar mas comodamente este intrumento a cualquier musica.Aqui tienes un texto que nos ha enviado esta compañia:DrumVibe LLC was formed in 2008 to allow owner and craftsman, Martin Isaac the opportunity to share his passion for the melodic sound of the steel drum with people across the world. Drawing on inspirations from time spent living in the Caribbean, Isaac developed a unique version of a steel tongue drum, the Vibe Drum, designing an instrument unlike any other currently available for retail. The Vibe Drum is hand-crafted and provides two tuned playable heads which can be played using the hands or specially-designed mallets. The unique design provides a hybrid sound, similar to that of a typical steel drum and a Hang drum, yet offers a more portable and user-friendly instrument. Created using nine-notes, the Vibe Drums are typically tuned to major and minor pentatonic scales to ease the playing techniques and produce harmonious tones, and are arranged so that each note has its octave adjacent to it. This simple, logical and harmonically-beneficial layout makes the Vibe Drum the easiest and cleanest steel tongue drum available. Additionally, Vibe Drums have been made in various custom scales including: Akebono; Pygmy; Hitzaz; Aeolian; G, F, E and D Major Scales; and more. Excitement of this new and dynamic instrument is rapidly spreading as musicians of all age groups and skill levels who are discovering the ease of use and soothing sound of the Vibe Drum. Currently, DrumVibe LLC is working with engineers, lawyers, musicians, teachers, children, enthusiasts, yoga teachers, and institutions to continually provide the best products possible. Taking advice from fans and customers, we work to "spread the Vibe" to many groups as early childhood groups, schools, therapists and medical doctors, and others who have found the Vibe Drum to be a beneficial tool to their business as well their lives. Explore our pages to get a feel for our company, products and service.
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